Christ and the Trinity

Have you been confronted with the Trinitarian controversy that’s sweeping through Christendom? Do you know that the controversy is all about the foundation?

Christ and the Trinity logically and systematically compares Jesus Christ and the Trinity as foundations, exploding myths and misinformation about non-trinitarian beliefs, as well as Trinitarian claims.

Christ and the Trinity settles the controversy, defining once and for all the biblical foundation of the Christian Church on earth, and its relevance to

• The plan of salvation
• Experiencing the love of God
• Victory over sin
• Knowing who God and Christ really are
• God’s final judgment, Babylon, and the Mark of the Beast.

A book for every Christian of any denomination, Christ and the Trinity helps you navigate the controversy, and understand its meaning for your life.


5.25″ x 8″ – soft cover – 196 pages


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