What is the true movement in these last days according to Bible? Before the second coming of Jesus takes place there is still a work that God needs to do. Are you standing on the true foundation? Join Vasko Belovski as he shares a message from God’s word on God’s last true movement.

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Sermon Notes

  • Vasko shares an object lesson about building a house on a proper foundation. [01:29]
  • Looking at Matthew 16 to see what that spiritual house is going to be built on. [03:33]
  • Quote about the importance of building on a sure foundation. [08:32]
  • Quoting about submission to Christ. [10:23]
  • To be building upon Christ means to be building upon truth. [13:19]
  • The problem with believing anything that is not in accordance with the Word of God. [16:32]
  • Warning about certain things that take place all throughout history. [17:19]
  • How people that claim to be on the sure foundation can actually deny the Lord. [18:20]
  • The book of Revelation defines the very last movement that was going to represent God in the last days. [22:40]
  • How the end time church has lost it’s name. [25:35]
  • Quote about men who are in an underhanded way tearing down the foundations of our faith. [27:38]
  • What is the sure foundation that we want to be building upon? [32:02]
  • How even non-trinitarians can fail to be apart of the true movement. [34:44]
  • Ellen White talks about certain writings to be re-produced. [39:59]