We are pleased to welcome brother Omondi to the Seventh Day Press team as he continues to labor as a Bible worker for the purpose of prospering the work in Kenya.

By the grace of God the work in Kenya has been moving forward. Understanding that there are certain classes that cannot be reached by public meetings, local house-to-house work began in the homes of the people. The house-to-house work has resulted in a spirit of inquiry being awakened amongst some of these homes, and the interest has been followed up by personal labor. In order to help the people build on the sure foundation, invitations are given to come to the Sabbath meetings that brother Omondi has organized.

Tracts being distributed house-to-house.

So far, ten people attend regularly while seven come once or twice per month. Brother Omondi has been sharing with them messages such as:

  • The Value of Bible Study
  • Importance of Prayer
  • Creation and the Creator
  • The State of the Dead
  • The Lord’s day
  • The Second Coming of Christ.

Many of these people are young in the faith and lack an Adventist background so the messages are geared towards simplicity and humility.

Man reading a tract.

Currently, brother Omondi is introducing them to books such as: Steps to Christ, The Great Controversy, and the King James Bible. These books are mainly distributed to the people who are ready to learn, but the tracts are for anybody willing to receive them. Tract distribution is mostly done in the highways, byways, and door to door. Going out in the highways and byways is normally done in the morning and in the evening (100 tracts per day), while door-to-door work is done during the day (20-25 tracts per day). More tracts go out in the public areas than during the door-to-door visits because on the highways and byways people like to take a tract and be on their way, while during the door-to door visits people are more interested in asking questions and having spiritual conversations.

Brother Omondi is very thankful for the continual prayer and support that different believers have been providing for the evangelistic efforts in that part of the world. Books and tracts have been supplied and donated by various believers. Furthermore, a simple building is being built that will serve as a place for Bible studies and future church services.

Recently poured concrete slab for the 30′ x 30′ building.